Access Keys:




Principal – Mrs K. Mulholland

Vice Principal – Mr. K. Rendall


Teaching Staff

Miss L. Abraham (Physical Education)

Mrs K. Black (HoD English)

Mrs J. Boyle (Learning Support)

Mrs T. Creighton (Art)

Mrs A. Currie (Maths)

Mr B McAvera (Maths)

Mr C. Sloan (Maths)

Ms E. Freeburn (Music and Drama)

Miss E. Girvan (Home Economics and Child Development)

Ms C. Greer (HoD Learning Support)

Mrs L. Gribben (English and Prince’s Trust)

Mrs L. Haire (ICT and Business Studies)

Dr T. Hutchinson (Technology and Design)

Miss A. Hicks (English)

Miss J. McKee (Geography)

Mrs R. Monaghan (Learning Support)

Mrs J. Morton (Learning Support)

Ms. A. Murdoch (French and Prince’s Trust)

Mr S. O'Neill (Learning Support)

Mrs C. Reid (Careers and History)

Miss K. Shanks (HoD Maths)

Mrs A. Smiton (HoD Science)

Mrs K. Uddin (Science)

Mr G. Veale (HoD Religious Education and History)

Mrs N. Veale (ESOL)

Mr S. Wilson (Physical Education and MVRUS)

Miss J Coulter (ESOL)

Miss. L. Cassidy (ESOL)

Miss S McGlone (Learning Support)

Mr I Scott (Learning Support)

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs L. Berry

Mrs D. Davidson

Mrs J. Dillon

Miss L. Donnelly

Mrs S. Gass

Mrs E. Johnson

Mrs P. McBride

Mrs J. McCammon

Mrs T. McCammon

Mrs P. McCartney

Miss A. McKinley

Mrs S. McKitterick

Mrs M. McNeill

Mrs A. McVeigh

Mrs C. Moley

Mrs L. Monaghan

Mrs V. Neville

Mrs T. O'Brien

Mrs S. Roberts

Mrs A. Rooney

Mrs J. Todd

Mrs L. Willis


Support Staff

Mr M. Calvin

Mrs C. Darragh

Mr C. Livingstone

Mr K. Mansbridge

Mrs R. Marshall

Mr G. Ross