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Ms A Murdoch 



Year 8 will study the following topics: 

*Introductions and schoolbag items 

*Where I live; describing myself; my family; my pets 

*School subjects; my school day; my uniform; time 

*Sports and hobbies 


Year 9 will study the following topics: 

*The past tense; where you went and what you did 

*24 hour clock; morning routine; clubs 

*Introducing your family; body parts and illness 

*Meals; shopping for food 

*Getting to know Paris 


Year 10 will study the following topics: 

*Discovering France 

*Your home and helping at home 

*The future tense; asking the way and giving directions 

*Keeping fit; healthy lifestyle 

*Shopping for clothes 



In Key Stage 4 we study OCN French. Over the 2-year course of study we compile 5 portfolios of evidence to be submitted to OCN. Ongoing assessments are completed throughout the course. The 5 portfolio areas are: 





-Intercultural Communication 


Examples of the topics we study are: 

Self, family and friends 

Hobbies and free time 

School and future plans 


When the 5 portfolios have been verified by OCN the equivalent of a grade B will be awarded. 



In this subject you should bring 2 colours of pen, a pencil, a ruler, colouring pencils and highlighters. 



Your homework may include a reading exercise, a written exercise or a speaking learning activity.  You are expected to always give your best. 




13th Mar 2020
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