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Staff in the Science department

Mrs Smiton (HoD)

Mrs Uddin

Miss McKee

Mr Calvin (Technician)


What will you learn in Years 8-10?

Year 8:-

Safety rules

Hazard Symbols


Methods of Separation

Forces 1

Year 9:-


Acids & Alkalis

Forces 2

Plants and water



Food chains & webs

Year 10:-


Food and Diet

Disease and Body defences

Elements, compounds and mixtures

Periodic Table, atomic structure and bonding



Heat Transfer

Road transport and Safety


What will you learn in Years 11 & 12?

CCEA Double Award

Year 11 B1,C1 and P1

B1     Cells

          Photosynthesis and Plants

          Nutrition and Food Tests

          Enzymes and Digestion

          The Respiratory System, Breathing and Respiration

          Nervous System and Hormones

          Ecological Relationships and Energy Flow

C1     Atomic Structure




          Symbols, Formulae and Equations

          The Periodic Table

          Quantitative Chemistry

          Acids, Bases and Salts

          Chemical Analysis

P1       Motion


            Density and Kinetic Theory


            Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Year 12

B2     Microorganisms and Plant Transport

          The Circulatory System

          Reproduction, Fertility and Contraception

          Genome, Chromosomes, Genes, DNA and Genetics

          Variation and Natural Selection

          Health, Disease, Defence Mechanisms and Treatments

C2     Metals and Reactivity Series

         Redox, Rusting and Iron

            Rates of Reaction


 Organic Chemistry

            Quantitative Chemistry


            Energy Changes in Chemistry

Gas Chemistry

P2       Waves



            Magnetism and Electromagnetism

            Space Physics


CCEA Single Award

Year 11

Unit 1 Biology


            Food and Nutrition

            Chromosomes and Genes

            Co-ordination and Control

            Reproductive System

            Variation and Adaptation

            Disease and Body Defences

Ecological relationships

Unit 2 Chemistry

            Acids, bases and salts

            Elements, compounds and mixtures

            Atomic structure and Periodic Table

            Bonding Materials


Year 12

Unit 2 Chemistry

            Symbols, Formulae and Equations

            Qualitative Analysis

            Metals and the Reactivity Series

            Rates of Reaction

Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons 

Unit 3 Physics

            Electrical Circuits

            Household Electricity


            Electricity Generation

Heat Transfer


Road Transport and Safety


Earth in Space


OCN   Applied Science 

Year 11 and 12

Physical Processes

            Heat transfer


            Forces and Motion

            Waves and Radiation

Life Processes and Living Things

            Cellular structure and functions

            Transport of nutrients and gases in plants

            Genetics and inheritance

            How organisms interact with the environment and each other

            Enzymes and their role in living organisms and industrial processes

Materials and Their Chemical Properties

            Atomic structure

            The Periodic Table

            Nature of chemistry and the main types of chemical reaction

            Rate of reaction

What equipment will you need?

            Pencil, black pen, green / purple/ red pen, highlighter, rubber, ruler, protractor and calculator

What do we expect from homework?

            Complete homework and bring to school on the correct day.

            Neat and tidy presentation

            Continually learn key words and phrases.

Any other information

             If you are absent you need to catch up with notes and homework.

            If there is anything you do not understand ask your teacher to help you at an agreed time.




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4th Feb 2019
Mrs Smiton's Year 8 Science Lesson covering irreversible and reversible reactions.