Pupils who require additional support or adjustment regarding physical, medical, social, emotional or behavioural based difficulties will be supported appropriately in school and with input from relevant outside agencies as necessary and in line with SENDO legislation.

Similarly, pupils with literacy and / or numeracy difficulties will access assistance based on regular diagnostic assessments carried out during Key Stage 3 to allow for individualised education programmes to be implemented and adjusted as required.

“The pupils make good progress, in line with their abilities considering the barriers they face in their learning. They work well alongside their peers in class and are involved fully in the life of the school.” ETI 2012 

Pupils with a formal “Statement of Special Educational Needs” provided by the EA are catered for as per the advice contained in the pupil’s statement. The school maintains a register of pupils who require additional assistance and “Individual Education Plans” are developed and maintained as appropriate. Parents are consulted throughout the process and have the opportunity to meet the school SENCO annually to review progress and set targets.

Pupils continue to be supported at Key Stage 4 and at GCSE examination level with appropriate assistance to ensure examination coursework tasks, revision programmes and general preparation is in place. Access arrangements will be made for pupils who meet the criteria established by the examination boards.

Through a partnership of teachers, classroom assistants, outside agencies and parents we work to ensure that each child is afforded the opportunity to reach their full potential and enhance their self-esteem and ultimately take their place in society.

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