Our core purpose is to provide high-quality learning opportunities in a happy and secure environment, in order to offer ambitious life opportunities for our students. Hence, learning is at the heart of everything we do. We recognize that everyone is different, with different learning styles, gifts and talents. We seek to recognise these in our planning of the curriculum, lessons and extra-curricular activities. We want our students to leave City of Armagh High School with the best possible academic qualifications and a love of learning that will remain with them for life.

We are passionate about ensuring excellent outcomes for our students in order to improve their life opportunities.

This years’ School Development Plan has been drawn up in consultation with all of the immediate school community, including teachers, support staff and Governors. It contains details of the school’s longer term vision, current developments and targets set.

Action plans are used as working documents by the Senior Leadership Team, Middle Leaders and Governors to ensure the education provided is of the highest level and offers the best opportunity for all children enrolled at City of Armagh High School.

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