Grade A* – G


Pupils need to have basic skills in a musical instrument or in singing as well as an interest in Music. This course provides a good basis for pupils who wish to study music at AS and A2 level and also for those who are interested in music performance.

New format for CCEA GCSE Music

3 Areas of Study:

1 Core = Repeated Patterns in Music

2 Optional choices from:
a) Musical Traditions in Ireland
b) Incidental Music
c) Vocal Music

Assessment is carried out through 3 components:

1)  Composing and Appraising  30 %
2)  Performing and Appraising  35 %
3)  Listening and Appraising  35 %


Component 1: Composing and Appraising

Pupils will create two contrasting pieces and keep a composition log for each piece.
One of these must be related to the core or an optional area of study.
The two compositions must last between 3 – 6 minutes in total.

Component 2: Performing and Appraising

Pupils are to play or sing one solo piece and one ensemble piece.
These performances must include at least one piece related to the core or optional areas of study.
Performances should each last up to five minutes.
Pupils will also have to discuss their performances – this is worth 5 % of their total marks.

Component 3: Listening and Appraising

There are 2 listening papers.

Paper 1 is based on the core area of study – Repeated Patterns in Music (45 mins).
Paper 2 is based on the optional areas of study (45 mins).


What Skills will you Develop?

Adaptability, Confidence, Ability to Work with Others, Patience, Commitment and Dedication.


Career Pathways

Teaching, Librarian, Sound Technician, Publishing and Communication.

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