The school’s vision of “Excellence, Opportunity and Care” is encapsulated in the support and guidance provided to all of our pupils who have a statement of special educational needs or who require some additional support through our “Code of Practice”.

We are committed to providing quality education for all of our pupils. We seek to offer appropriate, stimulating and enriching opportunities to challenge all children, some of whom will be less able than others and may have additional learning needs or disabilities. We are committed to the principles of equal opportunity and inclusive practice.

Working together with parents and pupils, all staff and Governors will:
• provide access to a balanced and broadly based curriculum.
• set suitable learning challenges for pupils.
• encourage pupils with disabilities and/or special educational needs to engage in school activities, together with all pupils.
• help pupils to overcome any potential barriers to assessment, learning or wider school activities.
• respond to the diverse learning needs of pupils.

The individual support offered by qualified classroom assistants and domestic assistants ensures that, with collaboration and partnership from parents, we afford such pupils the opportunity to improve basic skills and to succeed in and attain external examination accreditation.
The Learning Support Centre plays a central role in the academic and pastoral life of the school and we liaise closely with external agencies, educational psychologists and the EA to ensure pupils’ needs are met.

Review meetings with parents are arranged annually and parents information evenings are organised.

All of the above is managed by the school’s SENCO’s, Mrs D Woolsey and Ms J Hughes.

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