A* – G


Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies will help you to develop as an informed and responsible road user. It will also help you to prepare you for driver training and the driving test.


What will you study?

The following six areas will be examined:

  1. Vehicle control & road user behaviour 4. Motoring mathematics
  2. Legal requirements 5. Accident procedures
  3. Road transport and its effect on society 6. Motor vehicle technology


There is one external assessment worth 40% and two controlled assessment tasks, each worth 30%

MVRUS Theory
Foundation Tier –   1 hour 30 minutes examination paper   Grades C – G
Higher Tier –  2 hour examination paper  Grades A* – C (D)

This external assessment is worth 40% of the overall GCSE qualification


Investigative Study

This will involve about 23 hours work and a maximum of 2000 words. It will involve the collection of data, an analysis and interpretation of results with a conclusion based on the findings.

This controlled assessment is worth 30% of the overall GCSE qualification.

Practical Moped Riding

This allows pupils to demonstrate their skills of moped control and roadcraft.
This is also worth 30% of the overall GCSE qualification.


What Skills will you Develop?

  • MVRUS is a ‘Life Skills’ subject relevant to us all as road users
  • You will become a more responsible road user
  • You will become aware of the legal requirements of owning a vehicle
  • You will develop a basic understanding of motor vehicle technology
  • You will learn basic first aid skills and techniques
  • You will develop basic control skills and road user behaviour


Career Pathways

  • Motor vehicle mechanic apprenticeship
  • Driving Instructor
  • PSNI application
  • Road Safety Officer
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