Anyone interested in enrolling their child at a time other than at the start of Year 8 should complete  an application form (which can be downloaded) and make an appointment to meet with the Principal.  This will provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions and provide relevant information.

The school will admit pupils provided that

  1. The enrolment number of the school has not been reached
  2. The admission of the pupil would not be prejudicial to the efficient use of the resources.

In the event of oversubscription the following criteria will be applied by a subcommittee of the Board of Governors to identify which

  1. Pupils for who City of Armagh High School is the nearest controlled secondary school to their home
  2. Other pupils.

In the event of oversubscription within a criterion the following sub-criteria will be applied to identify which pupils will be admitted.

  1. Pupils whose brother or sister is in attendance at the school
  2. Pupils whose brother or sister previously attended the school
  3. Special circumstances (See Note 1)
  4. Children of former pupils
  5. Those children who reside nearest to the school as determined by the distance from home to school measured ‘as the crow flies’.

Note 1

Details of Special Circumstances must be given on or attached to the Application Form.

Documentary evidence supporting the Special Circumstances must be provided by a statutory body.

Please download Form AP1 below and complete before coming into school for a meeting with the Principal.

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